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Tuku showcases new concept at HIFA

Zimbabwe’s towering musical ambassador Oliver Mtukudzi returns to the Harare International Festival of the Arts (HIFA) this year unveiling his new musical concept where he now fuses traditional instruments with his hitherto entirely electric based music. It’s a whole new experience, it’s a new sound and new music giving the African rhythm a worthwhile dimension.

Tuku’s music has evolved distinctively with his latest fusion of the traditional mbira and marimba giving his Tuku Music contemporary style of music the authentic traditional flair. The fusion of the mbira and marimba - two of Zimbabwe’s most recognizable traditional instruments - has even added the upbeat feel to the rhythm of the acoustics that define and drive Tuku Music.

Tuku is no newcomer to the prestigious grand-stage of HIFA having performed at the festival in the past. But his appearance this year is particularly dearest to his fans and to Tuku himself too as he edges closer to his 60th album with the release soon of his 56th Dairai CD from where he will sample the upcoming releases.

The Dairai album is the first record where Tuku, with much unprecedented gusto in his career spanning over nearly 30 years, unleashes his contagious traditional acoustics with his inimitable Black Spirits Band. Tuku was recently quoted by his tukumusic.com website observing, from his wide international travels, that he had discovered the world markets were hungry for different but authentic contemporary traditional music.

Now, through his latest mbira and marimba blend Tuku is no doubt playing that crucial role, in Zimbabwe’s arts and culture, uplifting the traditional instruments to a much higher level and making his genre of music one of the most sought after African sound. One of Zimbabwe’s most decorated artists whose music, with its deafening crossover power, has penetrated deeper into the international markets. Tuku uses the day-to-day social imagery in his writing.

And one, too, never bombastic in his approach to art Tuku rather takes issues closest to his heart through hard-hitting lyrics that question mankind’s behavior at all levels of society - be it at the political level, at family level or public life. For Tuku HIFA remains indeed a rich tapestry of art showcasing the diversity and growth of Zimbabwean artistic talent and excellence! – tukumusic.com

Tuku Music

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