15 Successful Dissertation Topics In Economics

The creation of a dissertation is the final big leap in your life in the university as an economics student. It can consist of 200 or more pages of book-bound research. It requires an extensive need for research, time, passion, and dedication. The deadline for each part is clear in order to accomplish the bit by bit clearance of your masterpiece. You must effectively allocate your time by this phase where you are beginning to create your own thesis.

In choosing your topic, you must choose whether your interest will be in micro or macroeconomics. The dissertation is the summary of all that you have learned in the course that you have chosen. Your learning and success in the journey as an economics student will be judged based on your presentation. You should choose a topic that you can stand to be thinking about for a couple of months. When ordering a paper at Thesis Helpers, firstly choose a subject, then specify the chosen topic and the due date. You will forget about any problems with this writing service.

Here are some topics that have been successful for the past years in the field of Economics:

  • An Analysis of the Effect of Old-Age Dependency Ratio on Domestic Saving Rate
  • Explaining Regional Disparities of China’s Economic Growth: Geography, Policy and Infrastructure.
  • The Synergies of Hedge Funds and Reinsurance
  • When Unemployment Strikes – Age, Income, and Sector Factors
  • The Impact of Changing East Asian Trade Dynamics of Japanese Growth
  • True Value in the NBA: An Analysis of On-court Performance and Its Effects on Revenues
  • NAFTA and Female Labor Market Outcomes in Mexico
  • Monetary Policy in the Eurozone
  • Stock Price Forecasting Using Information in Yahoo and Google Trends
  • The Demand in the Korean Prostitution Market
  • Housing prices and aggregate demand: A Comparison of Italy and the USA.
  • Expected long-term relative House Price inflation and housing investment in the United States
  • The Correlation of average consumption growth and average real interest rates over long intervals and the habit formation model (It should be high, but it is about as low as the short-run correlation.)
  • Quantitative easing, petroleum prices and expected inflation.
  • Recent inflation and Medium Term Inflation Expectations

Choosing a title and a topic can be a hard start for anyone. Nevertheless, this part of the process of writing a dissertation is the most crucial, as in any writing task. Hopefully, these topic ideas will give you a starting point. The topic will be the light to lead you to the next step in writing a successful dissertation in economics.